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I use Google Chrome and for some reason, I have an extension that I did not add called; ReMoveiTHHeAdAoPp. It says that it is managed and cannot be removed or disabled: . I have tried to delete the folder in my C:/ drive and it still didn't go away, and there is no extension folders in my regedit program. I have tried to uninstall it with the control panel and nothing comes up when I click uninstall. I have Microsoft Security Essentials and sometimes it says that it should be sent for scanning and I always send it but it never comes back with anything. It is really annoying and I really want it gone. Is there any way to do it?
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  1. microsoft security essentials is the last program id feel safe with.i would disable it and install avast 2014 free version.if you dont already have it,download and install a scan with avast and delete anything it comes up with.then,and this is important,post the logfile of the,scan with malwarebytes and remove anything it comes up is important that you also post the logfile from your malwarebytes scan.once ive seen the logfiles we will see if any further action is warranted.this is definitely malware here.cheers
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