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Hello, I'm new to the forum and looks like a great community! My problem is with the system time clock not keeping correct time. I have a Sabertooth Z 87 MB. I have never had a minutes problem with the clock until I cloned my HD to a larger GB HD because I was running out of GB space. The clone was successful, however, after the clone, next day I noticed the windows 7 64 bit clock was wrong. I went into the BIOS to check the system clock and it was wrong also. It was the same time as the windows clock. After reset the system clock the clock will run with correct time then both clocks, (system and Windows) after and hour of so start loosing time. I reset and same thing again. After a couple of days both show wrong time and the same date that I reset. Don't know if the cloning had anything to do with messing up the clocks, people I have talked to said their clone went fine with no clock problem. I have read the post here where some people had their clock freeze. My problem is just wrong time after an hour of reset? I have not tried anything with the BIOS or battery change. Though I would wait to here from more experienced people than me on this issue. I have done many things in Windows, advice from others but to no success. Any help on this issue will be appreciated.


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    Most likely caused by dead battery, but the time shouldn't be affected by the battery if the system is powered on, I believe. Changing the battery will not take a lot of cost and effort, so I would just change it and see if it gets better.
  2. In Control Panel->Date & Time click on the "Internet Time" tab and then the "Change Settings" button. Make sure the Synchronize... check box is checked and select a time sever.

    Also check Scheduled Tasks to make sure the syncronization task is enabled. Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Task Scheduler. Expand Task Scheduler Libray->Micrfosoft->Windows->Time Synchronization. You can also modify the task to update more often if desired by double clicking the task, clicking the Triggers tab, and changing the scheduling parameters there.
  3. Hello, scheduled tasks synchronization is enabled also enabled in the windows service page. "Internet time" tab synchronize box is checked.
  4. Hello, scheduled tasks synchronization is enabled also enabled in the windows service page. "Internet time" tab synchronize box is checked.
  5. I had a similar problem on a brand new ASUS Z97 Deluxe motherboard. The battery voltage was fine, but it failed to maintain the time. It turned out to be a bad connection between the pre-installed motherboard battery and the battery socket. I took it out and wiped the battery clean and applied a DeoxIT® GOLD contact cleaning pen to the contact points and reinserted it in the socket. It works great now.
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