Do i need an extra cooling fan or liquid cooling system, in addition to the fans that come with my case and gpu?

I am adding parts to my cart on Newegg for my first build, I will use it for gaming and I was wondering if I would need an extra cooling fan or to add a liquid cooling system in addition to the fans already there, or just stick with what I have?
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    Only if you intend to overclock. If you have no intention of overclocking your PC, then the stock fans/cooler will be more than enough. :) I enclosed a CPU cooler link down below. If you have questions, this will probably answer them. If not, you will definitely learn from it. And if you have question that can't be answered, just post back and I'll be happy to help. :)

    UPDATE: If you do decide to go with a CPU cooler and intend to overclock, I have a couple of suggestions. The first suggestion would be for if you intend to overclock from the light to medium range (.1-.4 Ghz). A good option there would be the Cooler Master 212 Evo, which is an air cooler. Here is a link:

    For a more aggressive overclock, I suggest a good closed loop water cooling system. The Corsair H80/H80i or H100/H100i are very solid units. The difference between the models is that the ones with an "i" at the end of it are Corsair Link compatible. If you are unfamiliar with Corsair Link, here is a link to it. As for myself, I love it, because it gives you that much more control over your system and allows for extra monitoring of your system. You can about take any Corsair product to the bank, as they have an exceptional reputation in quality and customer service. If a Corsair product is available, I nearly always choose it over any other brand.

    Here are the links to the, H80i, H100 and H100i:

    If you do decide to go with one of these, either check for yourself and make sure that these fit, or just post back here and give me your case model number and I will check for you.

    Hope this extra information helps out! :)
  2. You mean a push pull configuration on the liquid cooler?
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