Windows on SSD, need urgent help!

Okay, so I have just got myself a Corsair Force 240GB SSD, I did as many people said, and have unplugged my HDD's, installed windows on my SSD and rebooted, all of the data is still on my HDD's, but I can't use them (nothing like my old desktop, none of my icons in my hot bar, only able to access internet explorer *shudder* etc...), any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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    The data on the old drives will be accessible under My Computer, e.g. D:\, E:\ drive.

    Because you've got a clean install of Windows on the SSD, you'll need to reinstall stuff. Copying across the contents of your desktop+documents is easy, but you'll also need to install things like Chrome/Firefox/Opera, any games you had, Office, etc.
  2. Yeah, I ended up just backing up my steam games, bringing them over, and doing fresh installs :)
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