FX-6300 is my stock Voltages Incorrect? [Could be reason for Screen Freezes??]

In CPU-Z it shows the Core Voltage is fluctuating form 1.164V to 1.188V. Showing 1.176V in Bios.

Is the low voltage the reason why I may be freezing when browsing the web or attempting to play games. I've seen other people with Voltages of 1.22v, 1.26, 1.32 at Stock.
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  1. Can anyone with FX-6300 Stock, confirm?
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    William2014 said:
    Can anyone with FX-6300 Stock, confirm?

    Remember that with cool n´ quiet on, the frecuency change according with the load, from 1.4ghz to 4.1ghz turbo so that can be the cause, try to check with some load, mine are 1.416v max stock with turbo, 0.900v idle.
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