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As per title, is it quad core processor (i5 4440 etc) perform better than dual core like g3220? i mean in daily usage (internet surfing, watching youtube, casual dota 2 gaming).
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  1. Yeah, the 4440 will perform a lot better than a dual core.
  2. For doing stuff like video encoding or latest title gaming, for sure quad core cpu will have upper hand. But i would never do those stuff, is it still worth it to get quad core processor for my usage?
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    Will it make surfing webpages or waiting on youtube to 'load faster', NO, that is based on your Internet provider and how your in home network is set up. Will it perform better for DOTA, surely it will because Dual core, is two workers asked to do the job, Quad core is FOUR workers asked to do the same work, so yeah that would help 'lessen' the load only two 'workers' were doing by spreading it to four workers. This is also including your MP3 stream your running, your IM client, your 'email notifier', your background changing, the Antivirus constantly checking to ensure your computers safety, etc. ALL also wanting the 'WORKERS' attention to do their job as well, because you have them all 'running in the background' all the time.
  4. Well, not only is it two more cores, it's also 4 more powerful cores. The 4440 is definitely the better choice in every way.
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