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I'm building a new budget gaming computer soon and the last part I need to decide for is the Graphics card. My choices are

1. GTX 750 ti

2. R7 260x

3. R7 265

All of these are on newegg but the R7 265 is out of stock right now, but thats irrelevant. Could someone please compare them and tell me which of the 3 is the best for the price and what makes it the best?
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  1. GTX 750Ti !!!!
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  3. GTX 750Ti. That is the best performing card out of the three, according to
  4. from the reviews i have read, the 650ti boost is the same performance as the 750 ti, so if you can get the 650ti boost on sale for cheaper than the 750ti, i would do that
  5. the best performance is of course the R7 265, not the 750 ti, but the R7 requires more power
  6. Right now I am leaning towards the R7 265 right now but I don't expect to be getting much information about it other than what I've read since it is very new and currently sold out on Newegg. My power supply is going to be over 500 so that doesnt really concern me. I think I will get the R7 265 unless someone tells me otherwise with evidence.
  7. Do you live in the states? That card isn't even ON
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