Need help with Samsung 840 Pro Please

Hi. I need some help with my 840 pro please.

First of all what should I set the OS Optimization to? Performance, Capacity, or Reliability? I just set it to performance but not sure if that's the best thing to do. Will setting it to performance shorten its lifespan? Will setting it to reliability lengthen its lifespan? Would it be substantially slower if I set it to reliability? And what does setting it to Capacity do?

Second, should I do over provisioning?
Right now it's set to 10% and says theres insufficient free space to set up op. Maybe it's because I have it set to performance?

Lastly, why can't I use RAPID mode? IT shows a circle for all the requirements besides the ssd. Under Actual it says not supported SSD.

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    None of those settings will really affect life span or performance tbh. I just set mine to performance but leave Windows Backup turned on.

    OP sets sets aside space just for the SSD's controller. I assume it wears it out and the SSD slows down if there is no head room for it to do it;s thing.
    You can't set it because you do not have the 10% free HDD space, delete some garbage I guess.

    I can't use RAPID mode because mine is not a pro. You should be able too but maybe it's because you don't have OP turned on.
  2. Thansk for reply. I have 100gigs free at the moment, that's a lot more than 10% of 256 or 238 whatever it is.

    Also, it said there was a new firmware available so I downloaded it. Are there any other downloads or drivers or something that I should download from the website or is it just that firmware that I need.

    My computer recently started making a weird sound and it also froze up a couple of times while I was playing a game. Happened twice today and I don't know what's going on. Do SSDs make any noise at all or are they silent? After downloading the new firmware I opened that game and did not hear that weird sound for the first few minutes but now it seems to have come back. =/
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