Two beginner questions - thermal paste and hyper 212 size next to ram

Hi all,

I have a couple of "beginner" questions that don't seem apparent to me from viewing all the different threads and videos.

1. I'm buying a brand new Hyper 212 and new i5-4670k CPU - I know one of them will probably provide me with some thermal paste but I was going to buy some better reviewed Arctic 5 but my question is does either the cooler or CPU come coated/pasted in anything and will therefore require cleaning/removing? Some reviews I've read seemed to suggest they come with a coating that will need to be removed but some just mention they provide some stock paste.

2. I'm using a GA-Z87-HD3 mobo (already purchased) and was planning on buying 2x4Gb Corsair Vengeance ram in a Zalman Z9 Plus case. Again, some threads I've read seem to suggest that I'll have trouble fitting the cooler next to the ram as it's higher profile ram? Will this be the case or will I need some ram without the plasticy coloured bits on the top. Also, do these bits actually do anything?! I've seen quite a few builds on PCPartPicker with these parts so assume it will be fine but then I've read some threads which seem to suggest they won't fit next to each other.

Sorry the very niche questions but this community seems pretty good at understanding bizarre things like this - I just can't picture how close/far the parts are likely to be.

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  1. I use the Vengeance RAM with 212 EVO cooler and RAM is higher about 10mm than 212's fan just install RAM into slots 2-4 and you'll be fine!
    Or you can get Vengeance LP (Low Profile RAM) and it will be compatible with CPU cooler
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    1. Nope. The stock heatsink does have pre-applied paste, but its not mounted to the CPU in the box so you dont have to deal with it.

    2. Unless you need an expensive and fairly useless hair comb, the heat fins on Vengeance kits are pointless.
    Back in the days of DDR2, when voltages were high and CPU overclocking was tied to memory performance, the cooling on the RAM mattered. Now we have DDR3 with much lower voltages and access to the CPU Multiplier, which is independent of memory unlike the Base Clock or System Bus. Nowadays the cooling on your RAM just doesn't matter, even sub-par case airflow can handle it fine.

    As for whether the heatsink will fit if you get the high profile memory. The heatsink will obstruct the far left RAM slot if you have the fan on that side. So you will either want to use the other slots, or move the fan to the other side.
    This isnt your board, but its ATX so it will still work.
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