Will current PSU support 2nd video card?

I'm bad with hardware and think I have solved it but want to be extra sure before shelling out $600 on the new card.

Current power supply is Corsair TX750 watts. It has 4x PCI-E connecters of 6 & 8 pin.

There is currently installed an R9 290 and I'm wanting to purchase a second R9 290. The first card takes 1x PCI-E 6 pin and 1x PCI-E 8 pin, and the second card will need 1x PCI-E 6pin and 1x PCI-E 8pin connectors. So I just want to confirm that there are enough connectors on this PSU to support this second card. Let me know, thanks.
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    even if there arent you can just use a molex to pci-e connector, they usually come free in the graphics card accessories included

    it would appear your power supply has enough connections anyway
  2. the connectors are fine the 750w rating is not. 850W at least but 1000w recommended.

    To put in perspective my 280x cfx will struggle at 750w.
  3. Its for a miner Gee Bee and with all the other components being low power it is sufficient
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