60hz 1440p IPS or 144hz 1080p TN Monitor?

Hello guys.

I'm looking for a new (single) monitor to my computer. I own a 2xGTX 760 with an i5, capable of running any games nowadays in highest definition.

I'm between those 2 monitors:
Dell U2713HM: 60hz 1440p IPS
Asus VG278HE 144hz 1080p TN Monitor

I'll be using the monitor for gaming, but I'll use the computer to study and work, too. So I'll be spending lots of hours per day (4-8) at the computer.

I am NOT a professional gamer, and I'm don't even too much into FPS games. So the response time isn't important to me.

The Graphics/Image quality is the most important thing to me (I love play a great-looking game); but I'm worried about avoiding Eye Strain, given the fact that I'll be working/studying/playing all together at this PC. Nowadays I own a shitty old Samsung monitor and my eyes are normally fatigued after a few hours. That's why I'm not totally into the U2713HM right now: I'm worried that the 60hz monitor will stay giving me those eye problems, while the 144hz will relief that a lot.

PS: I'm not really into 3D, but it's a plus to me.

Regards :)
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  1. Observation: Please don't suggest those Korean manufacturers: I don't live in a major country, and those Monitors are unavaible here, and importing them is really difficult and way more expensive than the major brands, beside the fact that I won't have support.
  2. Eyestrain is sometimes caused by how fast the backlight flickers, which often isn't the same as the refresh rate. According to TFTCentral's tests, the Asus VG278HE uses a 432 Hz PWM cycling rate for the backlight when the refresh is 144 Hz, but the Dell U2713HM doesn't use PWM, so the backlight stays constant.
    There is the fact that the 1440p monitor has more pixels per inch to focus on, but that can be mitigated by adjusting font sizes and zooming in on documents. I think the Dell will probably cause less eyestrain.
  3. If you like the idea of high FPS, don't expect anything better than a single video card for gaming as far as smoothness with a 60 hz monitor. Anything over 60 hz is just bragging rights; the monitor won't see 122 hz, and neither will you.

    The Dell you are looking at likely cannot be overclocked

    For me, I'd get the Asus because even with the old LG W2286L monitor, I have it overclocked to 75 hz, and it makes a world of difference for gaming. The color brilliance on that monitor is very good, but is getting old. I also have an Asus P2770HD that is overclocked @ 76 hz (haven't tried higher). I don't get eye strain on either, but that is a subjective opinion.

    That Asus VG278HE is an excellent monitor, and the one I'm probably going to get soon. A review is here comparing it to the BenQ XL2720T

    I've never used an IPS monitor, but as a gamer would not sacrifice performance over visual bling any day. Keep in mind that 1440 resolution is going to significantly lower FPS in games on Ultra in BF4, even with 2x 760's. You have to decide what is best for you. If response time and input lag isn't a concern, go for the IPS.
  4. No. Get the dell U2412m. Best IPS i have ever used and great for BF4 at that.
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    I got a Dell U2713HM 27" UltraSharp IPS Monitor - 2560x1440 and its beautiful compared to my normal old 1080 monitor. Colours and everything just so much better.

    The only reason to get a monitor above 60hz is if you are a professional gamer, and even then it is widely debated whether is makes any difference at all.

    If you like graphics and attractive games, get the 1440.
  6. I had the dell U2713hm because I was going to replace this dell U2412m. 27inch 1440p is nearly the same pixels per inch as a 1200p 24 inch which cost half the price of 1440p. 1440p is currently a major rip off unless you absolutely have to have an extra 3 inches between the 2 sides of the computer. Even the height vertically of a 24 inch 19:10 aspect is very nearly the same height as the 19:9 aspect 27 inch. So unless you really need 3 more inches, then you are getting ripped off. Don't listen to these people saying they look better when 1440p only adds about 10-15ppi compared to a way cheaper 1200p. Its a marketing gimmick. Sorry. Get the Dell U2412m for 269 on amazon. Best monitor I have ever used. The 2713hm I returned was 600 dollars.....
  7. Hello guys.
    Thanks for all your answers, I got the U2713HM from Dell :)

    @Laytonoid: I see your point; but here in my country the price for the 2412m isn't half of the 2713hm; in fact, it's near 3/4. So for those 1/4 more, I will have a better monitor in the long run, and a better gaming experience with those 3 extra inches.
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