After HDD installation, computer doesn't start.

Hello! I just installed an old hard drive into a newly purchased pc. This pc is pre-built by a store near here which I trust fully (canada computers). After installing the old hard drive, the computer doesn't start. So I went backwards in my steps. I un-plugged the old hard drive, leaving the new hard drive with OS connected. Computer doesn't start... The start button blinks for a second and then nothing. No cpu fan movement, nothing. Next step was to un-plug the new hard drive and just boot without hard drives. It booted! yay! So I turned the computer off and re-plugged the hard drive. Same deal... It's a 500W PSU brand new so it should be able to handle both hard drives. So I un-plug the new hard drive again to see if it still boots. Nope... No more boot. Both hard drive un-plugged and the cd writer un-plugged. Still no boot... No power. No fan speed. Nothing. My last step is to try an other PSU on it. But I don't have one on hand. I'd need to un-plug the one in my computer. Any thoughts? I was properly grounded when I did the computer hardware changes. I just plugged in a hard drive (sata). I don't get it...
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  1. Makes you crazy doesn't it. Try unplugging the power cord from the wall and back of case, just in case the power supply is holding a residual charge. Give it a few minutes. Then plug in the power cord without any drives connected. See if it boots. If so, go into the BIOS and see if the bios is set to auto detect the hard drives. Since I don't know what motherboard you have I am giving you old school advice. Turn off computer and reattach the new drive. Does it boot now. Reply and let's see where we go from here.
  2. The drive probably has a shorted TVS diode. If so, then an overvoltage from the PSU (or from the old PSU) will have been responsible. The simple fix is to remove the diode, but you will need to check the PSU.


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