1 x 24" 144hz monitor or 3 x 24inch 60hz monitors

Hey everyone,
I'm currently stuck on something that I just cannot decide. I currently own a 770OC and will be making this an SLI in the near future, however I want to delve into the world of multi-monitors and so I have been wondering whether to go with:

1 x BENQ XL2411t rev 2 - £239.99


3 x AOC Value e2461Fwh - £120 x 3

It's a hard decision because I am currently studying to become a environments designer for games and multi monitors are quite essential and will help with the flow of my work, saying this I already own a 24" monitor (Cannot be bought anymore) which I can add to the BENQ when I need too do some work.

And as you can guess I am a huge gamer and the 144hz is appealing for me and my gaming.

Any suggestions on what you think I should do. All knowledge and insight is welcome :)
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    I would go with the premium BenQ. You can use your old monitor in double for productivity, and you can just gave on the 144Hz one. 144Hz gaming is like a 4K TV, sure it sounds good, but once you see it in real life you realize it is pretty badass. (That being said, 144Hz is only noticeable in games with quick action and fast movements, so we're not talking about Civ 5 here :P )

    Update: Another option, a 2560x1440 monitor is good for gaming and is a productivity beast.
  2. I'd recommend a high-speed monitor over triple 60hz any day. 2D Lightboost via the strobelight utility will make it even better.
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