Best and cheapest grapics card for Physx

Hello guys,

I want to buy a Very cheap gpu in the future just to get Physx. The game will be run on the R9 290 or the R9 280x so.
I just want the cheapest one that does it without lagging and without to much power (no connecters if possible)
Thanks for reading

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  1. The GTX650 is a good card for physx, but don't know if it'll work in conjunction with AMD cards.
  2. But that card is to high end i think the only thing i want is Physx nothing more no gaming just nothing
  3. Ya could by an old 220 or even 9800 but nVidia is dropping support for older cards.

    A used 550 / Ti shud be a bargain at this point in time.

    I haven't done it in a few years .... but here's the thread where I got the patch
  4. What do you want the physx for anyway, and what is your budget?
  5. Budget well hard to tell because i'll build my pc first and then after i'll buy a card for physx or just to run it when i'm not gaming for a while
  6. cst1992 said:
    What do you want the physx for anyway,

    I find the realism adds to the exprerience and game immersion, Realistic fog, smoke, leaves and trash effects that move when ya walk thru it. Footprints left in snow, Explosions send out chunks, flags, curtains move.

    Odd thing is..... ya don't notice it as much from going with PhysX off to Physics on.....but going from On to Off is very noticeable., to my eyes anyway.
  7. You better do some research on "Hybrid PhysX". I'm not sure how well it works these days since it hasn't been supported by any drivers over the past two years.

    You also need to be real careful pairing a slow PhysX card with a high-end primary GPU. Something like a 220 will only hurt your performance. LinusTechTips has a video showing this, there are also several other resources.

    The absolute best PhysX card is the new GTX 750 or GTX 750 Ti for their high CUDA core count, high clock speeds, and low power consumption.

    It seems strange that you would be building a PC and planning from the beginning to go the Hybrid PhysX route, rather than just get a primary Nvidia card in the first place.
  8. Thanks 17seconds and everyone for the information but here where i live the R9 280x is the best deal around.
    And i don't "need" physx i just find it cool to have it :). Also i was looking at the 750 ti but it's to expensife now for only physx.
    I'll do some more research about that hybrid thing.
    EDIT: Is the GT 610 good enough (better then the amd fx 6300?)
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    The GT 610 is no good. The GT 640, or similar, is probably your best low end card. The GT 640 has 384 CUDA cores and a stock clock of 900 MHz. Use that as your yardstick for other cards. By comparison, the GT 610 only has 48 CUDA cores and a clock speed of 810 MHz.

    Here's the LinusTechTips video:
  10. Thanks i'll go with the GT 640 it is not that more ;)
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