Dell XPS420 Intel Quad Duo to Intel i5-650 (cooler/heatsink)?

Hey guys, i got a question, i got a Dell XPS 420 Intel Quad core Duo, 2.80ghz 4GB ram and a Nvidia GTX 550Ti (asus). Now I'm switching my Quad Duo 2.80ghz to a Intel i5-650 3.2ghz and my question is ; Where need I to put the cooler to? do i need replace it with the heatsink or where is it going to be ? thanks for reading. :-)
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    Socket 775 to 1155 or 1150 does not fit

    Apart from needing a new motherboard which will work with a Dell case ?

    Check connectors for LEDs, power switch, front USB & sound in/ out on your Dell case are standard, as some Dells are decidedly non standard

    Find out the fasted core 2 quad you board supports
    Probably needs a bios update to support it (which can be risky)

    Then look on eBay for a second hand CPU

    You also need to see if faster CPU needs better heat sink & fan
    (Again Dell usually non standard here as well.)

    If new case , motherboard, psu , RAM, CPU use a retail CPU with std heat sink fan unless over clocking
    Keep old gpu DVD , use old hard disk as a backup or second drive

    Might as well buy a new base unit !

    You are also going to need a new windows DVD unless you have already purchased a w7 DVD upgrade (retail) previously.

    Mike Barnes
  2. @Mike Barnes

    Should do it, i just bought an i5 processor, second hand tho. Actually, will it fit with my heatsink of the Dell XPS 420 or not? I think it doesnt mater doesnt it?

    Thanks for the help I appreciate that.
  3. You do realize that the i5 650 is going to be more of a sidegrade at best and a downgrade at worst, you just went from an older quad core to a slightly newer dual core with hyperthreading. Single threaded applications will be a bit faster, but anything that scales across 4 cores would likely have run faster on your Core 2 Quad.

    With the first generation i5s, the i5 6xx CPUs were dual cores with hyperthreading and included an integrated graphics core. The i5 7xx were quad core CPUs with no hyperthreading and no integrated graphics core. You're also not likely to find an LGA 1156 motherboard easily unless you got one second hand off of the guy who sold you the CPU.

    Putting all of that aside, odds are you will need to get a new heatsink, as LGA 775 and LGA 1156 used different sized mounting holes in the motherboard, so you would likely not be able to use the Dell cooler unless you could modify the mounting bracket to work in an LGA 1156 motherboard.
  4. Thanks for your soloution, but wont it fit in the cooler of intel in the motherboard of the dell?
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