Can't Print/Ping to Printer When Connected Wirelessly

I have a network printer that I have assigned a static IP. It is connected to a hub which is connected to my router. There is three hubs on my home network.

The problem is that I can ping and print from any computer on the network when I am connected hard wired to a hub or router, but if I am connected to the network wirelessly, then I cannot ping the printer, and thus cannot print to the printer. I have a HP printer that is setup and accessible to everyone and setup this way, but not this one new color printer setup in a similar fashion is not accessible unless you connect to the network wired.

So - wired - good. Wirelessly - can't ping.

Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. After a couple of hours I found the issue. It appears even though I assigned a static IP, there was an IP conflict on the network. My son's iphone using DHCP had the same IP address, and even though he was gone, the IP did not appear to be released. Once I rebooted my router, and all IP's were released, I was able to print.
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