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Hi. I was about to get a geforce gfx 750 ti 2g for my current machine but its got an old Asus m4a785t-m mobo and i am pretty sure it only supports pci 2.0 (the 750 ti is a 3.0 i think, but correct me if im wrong). So my question is this,
What parts can you best recommend that is comparable to any sort of z78/lga1150 mobo with i5/a4/a6 cpu. Is that build even do-able with the price range? Besides the three main components, i'm willing to accept mediocre parts like a 250g hdd and any case that i can throw some spare fans into. I have a monitor, keyboard/mouse, and an OS. Thanks ahead of time for your help.

edit: my one and only desire for this build is to be able to run newer games on high res with medium-high graphics, not gonna be used for any other functions
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    PCIe 3.0 cards are backwards compatible with PCIE 2.0 motherboards.
  2. well thats awesome news to hear, i guess my wanting to update my current system isnt totally bunk. Not entirely sure about how bottle necking happens, but is my processor adequate to not hinder any newer parts? (crumby Athlon II x2 250 in an Asus M4A785T-M)
  3. That CPU should not bottleneck a 750ti. It's decent, but not great.
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