WD External Hard drive, files can only be viewed in the windows 'search results' window

Hello everyone,

I suddenly have a problem with my WD External HD (500GB) whereby pretty much all of my files and folders have vanished, however, if I search for them in the top right search box I can view and even open these files.

It's very strange, even in windows explorer it says the space is still taken up, yet most of the hard drive appears empty unless I search specific files (Like if I search example.jpg I can find it, and open it, however when I directly go to the folder without searching the folder doesn't even exist)

Any ideas?
Thanks a bunch.

Edit: I can also view files and folders if I type in the exact file directory in the windows explorer bar, but otherwise they just don't show in Windows Explorer!
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  1. My first step would be to download Malwarebytes, update it and do a full scan of your PC and the drive.
  2. Did you ever figure this out? I have the same issue with a WD 1TB drive.
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