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I know i need a new CPU, but it is not in my budget yet so i want to see how far i can SAFELY OC my current rig without damaging it. I have stock CPU cooler still and am saving money for an i5 ( since an i7 is out of my reach right now). I also know i am short on power ( 500 watt currently by thermaltake). Any one have any advice on a safe OC? Honestly i dont game too much but when i want to i want it to be smooth and look great. Currently my only game im having issues with is need for speed rivals. I can run on High settings with all bling but once in a while itll freeze for a second then back to greatness. Im definantly running a budget machine and trying to keep it that way but dont want it to perform like its on a budget. Any help would be greatly appreciated! thaks in advance
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  1. on a stock cooler, stick to stock speeds. cheap big air coolers will get you to 4.3-4.5 depending on how lucky you are with the chip.
  2. seriously 4.3 on air cooled? stock is 2.6, that almost double.....what you think would be off of liquid cooled? id swing 75ish on liquid cooled kit vs 250 on a i5 anyday. would liquid cooling my cpu allow me to overclock fast enought to smoothly run 2012 and back games on atleast medium ( perferable high)?
  3. what i5 do you have, I'm presuming 3570K or 4670k
  4. lol no....i have a g620 pentium i WANT to save for an i5. i was gonna say thats alotta OC to be stable off a 2.6ghz dual core
  5. on a G620, you'll be able to do nothing. all you can do is adjust multipliers, and you can't on a G620. You might be able to adjust blkclk by 5%, but that is really risky and not worth it.
  6. Already playing with idea of new cpu/mobo combo. Card is out of reach right now and my autocad is pegging my cpu way too easy. Is this a good combo for the price and performance? What kind of gains can I look forward to with zalman cooler and OC? Thanks in advance. Hopin on quick opinionns cause I'll probably order tomorrow if its a good vombo to build on
  7. I wouldn't overclock at all with that power supply.
  8. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    I wouldn't overclock at all with that power supply.
    so basically all i really have is a nice case and decent monitors? lol maybe i should have planned a bit more before throwing this shiny turd together. Thanks for all the help guys, ill be back witha new setup in a week or so. Gonna go 6 core amd and asus mobo woth more ram slots, whats the min psu i should get ahold of? 1000watt or would a 750 be ok? i honestly dont intend on sli or crossfire anyways as i dont game that much
  9. 600W will be fine if you are not xfire or sli ing.
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