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Hello I am wondering if it would be ok to run 2 monitors of differing resolutions and panels.

My specs are: I7 4770k, Hero VI, 8 gb ram (should I go for 16?), 780 ti, AX 760.

I would not use them together to form the same screen, but I would use one or the other depending on the circumstance, while the other is used for browsing/etc.

I'm thinking of buying a 1440p IPS monitor now, and then when gsync comes out buy a 1080p TN panel.
Could I run this setup with a single gtx 780 ti or no? And would it look ok for my purposes?
Thanks for any advice!
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    Ya that's fine I have something similar 120Hz 1920x1080 panel for games movies etc. and a 1920x1200 for internet, word documents. your card should be fine.
  2. Awesome! Thanks for your input.
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