sleeping dogs vs just cause 2

Which one should I buy ?
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    I prefer Sleeping Dogs but JC2 is always in the sales so you could wait for it to appear in a Steam sale for 2 bucks and get SD now
  2. I prefer sleeping dogs more because the graphics and the story both are better than JC2
  3. Just cause 2 has an awesome multiplayer mod, i would go for JC2 just because of the mp mod
  4. i know this thread has been answered but am telling you now take JC2 it has one of the biggest maps on any game and is tons of fun sleeping dogs only has good graphics
  5. Sleeping Dogs has more than just good graphics. Its a reasonably good story, some of the voice acting is top-notch, the hand-to-hand combat is fun, and they did a good job on the world-building. But Just Cause 2's insanity and ridiculousness cannot be matched. But yeah, if you haven't already picked up Just Cause 2 on sale for $2 or so, just wait until next time.
  6. I havent played sleeping dogs, but JC2 is a decent game.
    It has a few things that are not perfect, like mice sensitivity or vehicle drifting problems, but in general is a fun game.
    One thing that Can be a bit boring in JC2 is trying to complete chaos in certain locations and not finding the last part to destroy.

    The part i most loved about JC2 is the huge amount of vehicles and planes that there are.
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