£650 gaming PC. Am i good to go?

Hi all.

After years of laptops and consoles, I need a desktop PC, for gaming, streaming and browsing. Self builds seem better value for money and you know exactly whats inside. Looking forward to my fist build, but very much a novice so being very cautious.

After research, I've come up with the following list, hoping to start buying parts tomorrow but would appreciate suggestions/approvals for my peace of mind first.

CPU: i5 4670k 3.4 GHz £172

GPU:MSI GTX 760 TwinFrozr OC 2GB £190

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3 £79

Hard drive: Seagate Baracuda 1TB £45

RAM:RAM: Patriot Viper 3 8GB (2X4GB) 1600Mhz C9 £60

PSU: Corsair CXM 600W £60


Optical drive: Samsung 24x £13

Keyboard/mouse: Gigabyte KM5300 £10

Total £674

If all goes well, I do intend to overclock in the future (6 months timeish) and will purchase an afetermarket cooler when the time comes. I will probably also put in a 120GB SSD for booting at that stage.

I also need a monitor and am undecided between

Iiyama E2282HS-GB1 22" LED VGA DVI HDMI Monitor for £107

and Asus VE228HR 21.5" LED LCD HDMI Monitor for £112

Thanks in advance for any advice.

PS I live in the UK and I do need an OS.
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    I'd get the ASUS VE228HR as a monitor because I am not sure about the Iiyama monitor as I have never heard of Iiyama.
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