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Hi, I just recently got an asus g74sx and I would like to upgrade to a faster ram. I read many posts about Corsair and Kingston compatibility issues when using the 1866 with four sticks or even 2 sticks using corsair vengeance. Some were saying use the corsair with the faster timings, but less MHz and some were saying go with more mhz . Most of the posts I read were unfinished and never was able to find a definitive answer on this topic. So I figured id ask now since all the other posts I read were old and was hoping maybe these issues got resolved with either Asus putting out a newer bios update to fix them or not. I read the bios was the problem. Anyways if someone could help me with this issue I'd be much obliged. I'm looking for memory that's gonna speed it up the most as for I'm a gamer. Thanks!
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    when buying a ram you have know 3 things
    1. Capacity
    2. Frequency
    3. Latency

    1. Capacity-- it simply refers to the amount to stuffs that you can do at the same time.
    check your system for how much memory you have at the moment, how much is the usage and how much more would you like.

    2.Frequency--it is the bandwidth. it refers the speed of the ram. theoretically a higher frequency ram should perform faster. but that is not the case practically, another factor comes into play LATENCY

    3.Latency--it refers to how quickly your ram can respond to a request from the processor. lower the latency, the better.

    as the frequency of the ram goes on increasing, the ram compromises on its latency, thereby performing slower. a 2400MHz ram provides less FPS than 1 1333MHz one. the frame rate difference between 1333 to 2400 ranges from 0 - 4 fps.

    if you need the best ram and cares for this small fps go for any ram with 1866Mhz or 1600Mhz. then performs the best.
    since the rog74sx comes with a DDR3 1333 MHz SDRAM, you can select any ram with 1600 or 1866 Mhz. or of you have more money you can spend more to get no increase in performance.

    Ram companies: most of the bad ram companies are gone. you can buy rams from any companies. corsair, G.skill, Adata and Kingston are my choices.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys!
  3. I'm gonna try and find the link I read the discussion on corsair vs Kingston for the Asus g74sx
  4. That was a wrong link had to edit
  5. This was a wrong link as well. Obviously I'm copy/paste stupid from a cell phone.
  6. OK I think I got the correct link this time.
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