Why Is My Devil May Cry 5 PC Game Lagging So Much?

I've Just Got The Game On My Dell Laptop And I Just Opened It And It Started To Lag So Much As Goes For My FarCry3 Game Aswell Im From Pakistan Btw And Please Guys Can You Help Me
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  1. Buy better hardware. Your laptop im sure is probably below minimum levels to play the games.
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    Hello there Ziba123, Can you give us the specific brand and model of your laptop?
    Anyway, most laptops out there are not really meant for gaming. They would run such games with lag or will not really run the game at all. One of the most common factor why a laptop cannot run a game smoothly is that it doesn't have a dedicated graphics and it only relies in its built-in integrated graphics which is insufficient to run most of today's game smoothly. If you are into gaming, and you want to play farcry 3, dmc 5 and many other more demanding game, I suggest that you buy a good desktop with a good dedicated videocard. But if you want a laptop for gaming since its portable, well, there are few gaming laptops out there but its very costly.
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