Will Radeon HD 6770 or 5770 work in this power supply!!!

I have a power supply with 305 W and 18A on dual rail. It is written like this 12VA=18A max and 12VB=18A Max. And I have a mini tower of dell optiplex 755. I wanted to ask will HD 6770, 5770 and Nvidia GTS 450 work on my power supply. And there is one thing that I can't understand is shown in this pic ( I can't understand the 25W thing. Thanks in advance.
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  1. none of those cards will run. both cards require 600w. but I think this can:
  2. The manufacturers always put a higher wattage PSU to be on the safe side and I have dual rail PSU with 18A and I dont have any consuming thing running in my rig.
  3. Whats your budget? Are you in the US? Best buy has a 7750 2GB card that will work with your PS for sure. $84

    And if that card doesn't fit, this one will:
  4. I kind of just want to know if they work or not cause I don't live in USA and want to get second hand cause I don't got budget for new.
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    The 6770 and 5770 will likely not work. And you will need 6 pin to molex adapters for that to work in a Dell Optiplex if I remember correctly.
  6. Can you tell me the card equivalent to them, see the reason is I want to play watch dogs on low settings and I want a card that can play that game on low settings, and can you plz suggest a card that does not require a 6 pin connector.
  7. The two cards I posted above would work fine and play those games as well with no problem.
  8. CooLWoLF said:
    The two cards I posted above would work fine and play those games as well with no problem.

    I might have a prob finding 7750 in my country. Can you suggest a card within 5xxx or 6xxx series.
  9. That's gonna be tough. I would say a 5750 or a 6750 but those both require 6 pin power connections, so again you would probably need to find a 6 pin to molex adapter for it to work with a dell optiplex PS. Its a shame you can't find a 7750 :(
  10. Well I have transferred my mobo in a tower casing and I can upgrade to a power supply with 6 pin connector. But then comes the budget. Can HD 6670 run watch dogs.
  11. Yes. What is your cpu?
  12. CooLWoLF said:
    Yes. What is your cpu?

    Ok as a gamer I am too ashamed to say it. I played alot of games on my cpu but watch dogs have me worried. Ok it is Core 2 Duo E4600.
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