Green dots across screen, GTX 770, hydro cooled, i7 4770k, 2x8gb ram. Help.

My son and I just built our first gaming computer. We used an I7 4770k, GeForce GTX770, 2x8GB Ram, Hydro cooled with a 750W power supply. We got the specs from a build your own gaming PC magazine. It worked great for 2 days but now he's getting lots of green dots moving across the screen when he games. The cables are not loose, we loaded the newest drivers, and the temperature is running cool. Can anyone help us? I'm out of my depth but willing to learn and any suggestions are appreciated.
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  1. I think the Graphic card might be defected try a different graphics card and see if that fixes it.
  2. Most likely defective card. You should RMA it.
  3. yup... bad card... that particular issue seems to be special to Nvidia too...
  4. Wow, that was fast. Thanks guys. I'll switch it out and let you know.
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    If it is the video card, returning it to the place where you bought it, like Newegg would get you a new one, returning it to the factory might get you a refurbished one. However, I have had G.Skill and Antec send me brand new parts in the retail shrink rap, under warranty claims.
  6. It's not specific to NVidia. NVidia/AMD only design the GPU's and provide driver support.

    The issue is likely with the Video RAM, but the company responsible is whoever made the card such as ASUS.

    The problem also occurs on OVERCLOCKED cards and can disappear if the GPU and Memory clocks are dropped slightly.
  7. Thanks everybody, I cancelled the RMA because the Manufacturer was going to send me a refurbished card for my brand new purchase. I took it back to Microcenter and exchanged it for a new card. It works like a charm-no more green dot artifacts.
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