Computer won't boot fully after installing H80i

I built a computer about a week ago for the first time. I have the following parts:
MB: asus m5a97
Cpu: amd am3 3.5ghz 6 core
Cpu cooler: corsair h80i
Ram: 8gb 2x4gb
GPU: his r9 270x 2gb
Hdd: seagate barracuda 1tb
Ssd: corsair neutron 128gb
Psu: gigabyte 80plus bronze 650w
Case: bitfenix colossus

At the time I built this PC a few weeks ago, I didn't know how to install the liquid cooling with the h80i so I decided to wait for my friend to get back from vacation because he's an IT guy, so I just installed the stock AMD fan instead. After completing the build it worked 100% fine. I played on it for about 2 weeks and then last night my friend got back and walked me through on how to install the H80i through the phone. I believe I installed everything correctly. I took the stock fan off. Took out the CPU, cleaned the thermal paste off with rubbing alcohol, put it back in, latched it in, then installed the cooler. I started up my computer and everything seemed fine, all my leds were working, all fans were spinning, even the corsair logo on the cooler ontop of the CPU lights up. But after I boot it up my monitor goes to the acer screen like usual then the energy star logo, then it just falls asleep, I move the mouse and everything but it doesn't do anything. The power button on my computer just keeps blinking and I can't use the computer. I'm so confused because everything else seems to be fine, even all the fans are spinning. I would really appreciate some help:( this is frustrating:(

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  1. you might have dilodged the CPU or broken it when you installer the cooler heat exchanger. take it apart (CAREFULLY_) and inspect the whole thing... meaning, take it down to removing the MoBo and checking for cracks. ... and reseat the CPU
  2. Could bent pins be a possibility? Could that make this happen?
  3. Check your PWM Fan connector. Is it plugged into the CPU Fan header on the motherboard? It could be your system is not booting because it does not detect a CPU fan. Also, do you have a POST code display on your motherboard and if so what does it say?
  4. What do you mean post code?
  5. make sure the plastic if off the cpu block ive seen it about 5times where people buy these and they forget to take the plastic off the block and they put in their computer and it will turn on then off cause the processor will overheat
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    Juggers said:
    What do you mean post code?

    It the thing that looks like two number eights "88". It is some times called a Debug Code I am just old school and still call it POST (Power On Self Test). Some mother boards have these and some don't does yours and if so what does it say?
  7. I just checked the pins and they are perfectly straight, I put the stock fan back in there and it works perfectly fine I don't understand
  8. did you make sure the plastic is off of that h80?
  9. What plastic? ontop of the cooler that sits on the cpu? Yah.
  10. ive seen it where the plastic is still on the termal past, and if that not it it could be the pump make sure its plugged into the cpu header and the you hear it unplug all the other fans to make sure besides the radiator fan
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