My computer keeps on rebooting after installing win 7 ultimate professional

I bought a pc win win 7 home basic and tried to change it to win 7 ultimate professional. processor is i5, 8gb ram, 1tb hdd. i reformatted the hdd, removed all the partitions,first removing the 100mb system allocated, then the unallocated space, then i created new partitions, i incorrectly installed the system to the bigger partition and shut down the pc to restart again, then created new partitions again, then install again. When installation started, my HDD is only 931MB, it this normal? i feel im missing a few mbs there. Even though, i proceeded with installation. after installation, it wont proceed to win 7 itself, it keeps on rebooting.

What did i do wrong?

How can i fix this?

A little help please...

Louie S.
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  1. are you saying that it booted into windows fine the first time you installed it to the wrong partition?

    if so, start the installation again with any other drive(s) unplugged, delete all partitions, recreate and install.

    if you did not successfully boot into windows the first time, try getting an iso from the microsoft website, and burn to a dvd.
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