No Display/Sleep Issues

Well I've bern having this issue for a while now and decided just to live with it. It has gotten rather annoying so I need some advice on this.
Mobo: Maximus VI Hero
CPU: 4770k
GPU: Powercolor 7990
OS:Windows 7 Home Premium x64 on ssd
Storage: 500gb WD Blue
PSU: EVGA Supernova 1000
Only gpu is overclocked but out of the box.
I put my pc to sleep most of the time. I use the space key to wake it up, but occasionally there will be no display in the monitor. I check the motherboard q-codes which is 30 which means it has successfully returned from sleep yet there is no display???? I've been told that it's just windows 7 being buggy. I have the latest drivers also and a fresh install of windows. Iv'e ran memtest, gpu runs games good. Is there a fix or bypass for this?
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  1. ...some systems just do not play well... I have that issue with my HDMI out... once it comes out of sleep, the sound blows up...
  2. Do you just deal with this issue or is there a way you bypass this?
  3. turned off sleep, just use monitor off now.

    Try Hibernate... since you are on an SSD it may work better..
  4. You disabled sleep in power options right? Or are you just choosing hibernate from the start icon?
  5. yes.. you can set the sleep to Never in the power Option
  6. Well I succesfully woke up from hibernate so I'll keep on testing. But Iv'e heard that hibernation writes to the disk so it'll take up space. Do you hibernate all the time or do you shutdown overnight?
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    on my desktop I do neither Sleep nor Hibernate. With the SSD, it is just 25 seconds from cold to ready to use... I power down. My laptop, I hibernate all the time. It also has an SSD, just larger, a 240GB

    you can look up how to place the Hibernate file onto a different drive than boot. Put it on the spinning disk. A little slower...
  8. I'll try this and see how it goes. So you just use the powerbutton basically when turning on your desktop right?
  9. I have this issue too where it will occasionally not show the display after being woken up. When this does happen I just restart my computer, however I haven't found a fix for it besides just disabling sleep mode (I use it purposefully to just increase the life span of my parts).
  10. Shutting down increase hardware lifespan?
  11. Well in general the less a part runs, the longer it will last. Having a HDD running 24 hours a day will wear it out faster than having it on 8 hours a day.
  12. I'll try shutting down my pc instead of sleep or hibernate then. And thanks for giving me advice on this, it's kinda frustrating.
  13. Hibernate is shutting down... the system saves the state it is in at the time then powers down.
  14. Well my os is on my ssd and hibernation takes up space. Moving the hibernation file would defeat the point of using an ssd so I'll just shut down. It boots pretty fast so yea. What do you think about this approach?
  15. :-)... as I said... It is what I do on my desktop...
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