Looking for a game SERVER build (Minecraft, DayZ, TS)

Few details:

Minecraft: 40-100 player support(Maybe more)

DayZ: Around 50-70(Maybe another server)

TS: 250 user support

Yes, everything would be running at the same time. We are also looking into running multiple VMs on the box. Sub $1,000 if possible, if not, create one that would work please! We also don't have an OS and we wanted Windows R2 2008. Also looking for an SSD for higher performance. We may also host some random game servers every once in a while. Maybe a JC2 Multiplayer server, or a TF2 server.

Please help!

All suggestions will be helpful! Thanks everyone!
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  1. Are you trying to build a server? Or are you trying to find a company that can support what you want?
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