Can't install NVidia graphic drivers on win 8.1

I've wanted to update my nvidia graphic drivers from 332 to 335.
After the NVidia installer didn't work, I individually removed every nvidia app from the programs and features tab in Control Panel.
After that I tried installing the drivers again, but the problem is, every time the installer starts working, after the screen flickrs black (as it does when you install drivers) it goes straight to the windows login screen asking for my password. When I type it in, the installer doesn't resume, nothing happens.
I can't seem to get the older version back, nor the 335 one. Both go to the login screen durring the installation.

What should I do?
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    try installing the driver in the safe mode friend.
    check whether the correct architecture is selected at the time of downloading the driver.
    as if u r running a x64 bit windows 8.1 then u have to select the same on the site of NVIDIA while downloading the driver.
    once downloaded just install it within the safe mode.
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