New Graphics card. Worries\Concerns.

Hello, I am simply unsure if I will run into any issues when buying a new graphics card.
I don't know what graphics card I'm going to get just yet. and am just preping to make sure I know all the things the card has so it's compatible.

One worry I have is that I currently have a video Device(DXDiag calls it a card, but the only cards plugged in where video cards would be are ethernet cards); called:
Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family
And I have one PCI Express x16 port unused

My worry is would the Intel Express chipset card interfere in any way? And graphic card installation guides suggestion uninstalling previous video devises before putting in the new card, do I still do this? since I don't know how to remove the intel card\device?

Another thing that I've seen answered a bit differently is, would a Video card with a 2.0 x16 PCI express still work with the 1x16 PCI on the motherboard?

Apart from this, I'm confused on the whole "Geforce 6600\Nvidia 6600" How do I know If a card will support these things. As steam usually includes "Geforce 6600 or Nvidia 6600" in their graphic card requirements for games.
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    Its as simple as removing drivers, changing card, and installing new drivers. Yes, pci 2 is compatible with pci 1, but will preformance hangs on better cards. System requirements give you a card name or equivalent preformance. In general, you want to have a better card than the one listed. You should also check power requirements to make sure you card will get the necessary power.
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