sketchup too slow with xeon E5 2620 cpu

sketchup 3d modeliing program
too slow with xeon E5 2620 cpu
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    More details please?
  2. aromanos said:
    sketchup 3d modeliing program
    too slow with xeon E5 2620 cpu


    Sketchup is notorious for running slowly almost regardless of the system. Very furstrating! When the model is complex, especially with a lot of polygons, models over about 80MB become unusable. sketchup is CPU-based and single-threaded, so more cores don't help and the Xeon E5-2620 at 2.0 means the calculation of the positions of the everything are not being recalculated as quickly.

    You would have better results with fewer cores and a higher clock speed. However, there is a way to greatly improve Sketchup performance >

    1. Work as much as possible in View > Face style > Monochrome mode. Sketchup then doesn't have to move the colors and textures, and transparency.

    2. Make as much of the model as possible into groups and components. For one thing it avoids frustrating unintended changes and difficult copying /relocating selections ans so on. I don't know the reason, but there is some computational efficiency in making components into groups. Of course components are all simultaneously updated so changing one will change all of the same name

    3. Add textures and high polygon components such as trees and people as the last items. This means that less of the most demanding portions don;t have to be recalculated to navigate the drawing.

    4. The most important one> Place groups and components onto layers. The way Sketchup works, the same components can be on different layers that can be turned on or off- visible / invisible. Sketchup recalculates the positions of all visible geometry so putting large blocks of the drawing mean being able to turn off most of the model. Have only the portion you are working on visible will make the drawing easy to navigate- as though it were a small size. I have a model with several large buildings, streets, a bridge and etc.- only 58MB, and placed each building and all the trees on a layer. If I didn't work in monochrome and with layers turned off, it would be unusable.

    Using Layers in Sketchup > Go to Window > Layers and a dialog box adds layers by pressing "+". Name the layer. Select the geometry you want on that layer and right click. In that menu select "Entity Info" and in the Layers box drop down of layer names, select the layer name. The selected geometry is now on that layer. You can move the selected geometry to another layer by the same method of selecting, entity info and selecting a new layer. When selecting (check or uncheck) the layer as "Visible" turn off all portions of the drawing not being worked on.

    Sketchup is really very easy to use, but can be extremely frustrating. Of course, Sketchup is quite amazing for the cost, but it is necessary to takes care in setting up a drawing and constantly manipulate the visible geometry to be able to work on larger projects. Personally, I am going to try and do everything in 3ds Max.



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