Socket 2011 CPU with Socket 1150 Motherboard

I was looking at upgrading my processor to an Intel i7 4820k, and getting an MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming Motherboard. The website i was going to by it off (PC Case Gear) lists the CPU as an Intel Socket 2011 and the Motherboard as an Intel Socket 1150. Is this an issue and will i have to find a Socket 2011 Motherboard for the CPU?
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  1. Of cause it's an issue and you will have to find an LGA 2011 socket motherboard.
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    Yeah, they're not compatible. Don't be fooled by the numbering scheme, the 4820K is actually an older design than the socket 1150 CPUs. Unless you have a very particular use case that requires quad channel RAM or 40 PCIe lanes, which is very unusual, get a 4770K or 4670K and an 1150 Z87 MB. You get more USB3, SATA3, a little faster clock for clock.
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