Need a cheap and decent psu for my first custom built pc!

I am from india.I'm building my first custom pc, its simple and sophisticated to things I use.
AMD FX 6300 (3.5 ghz hexa core)
Gigabyte 78lmt usb 3.0 (rev 4.1)
Kingston 4gb ddr3 ram (1333 mhz)
XFX Radeon HD 7850 graphic card (2gb)
Seagate barracuda sata hard disk (320 gb)

I need a good psu for above configuration below 3000 rupees...

I can get them from indian online shopping sites like,,,,etc.

planning to moderately overclock my pc! Without increasing my voltage to processor and graphic card!
Any advice for improving above config would be appreciated! :)
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  2. If you are looking to overclock then you may want a 550w but it will cost you more

    Antec 550w

    There is also the Corsair VS 550w for 3250 INR but VS series is not as good quality as the antec.

    Personally my recommendation is to save up a bit extra for the antec 550w or go for the 450w that jonoj96 posted. The 550w would just give more room for future upgrades and overclocking but the 450w would work.

    I believe the corsair VS has some cheaper components so it may not be ideal for overclocking but they seem to be quite popular for the price and are definitely better than some of the really bad PSUs
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