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No idea if I picked the right category...my question pertained to several of them but not perfectly in any so I am sorry if I choose wrong.

I am going to start with some background to my situation.

I have an image of Win7 that has government information in it, requiring it to be put on a secure device. My group wants to begin using bootable flash drives to image machines in the field but have been unsuccessful due to the nature of an encrypted flash drive not being bootable.

What I would like to know is if there is anyway to boot to a tool for imaging a machine that would allow me to type in a passphrase and gain access to an encrypted partition on the flash drive and begin imaging a machine.

The other option that I thought might work would be to have one flash drive with a WinPE or Linux that I could boot to and then have a second encrypted flash drive that contained the image. I would then need to type in my passphrase and have a tool that would be able to image a machine.

Would either of these options work and if so what would I need in order to get them to function?

Thanks for the help,
An Encryption Noob
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  1. Active@ Disk Image allows you set a password prior to creating a disk image with it. That same password will then be required to write the image back to a hard drive: http://www.lsoft.net/diskimage.aspx

    I use it myself to maintain a bank of five computers. Very reliable and easy to use imaging software.
  2. Will truecrypt encrypt the USB stick? I know it will encrypt the bulk of a hard drive, leaving a few MB free for the small boot files needed for truecrypt.
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