HDD Shows in Bios, sort of shows in Windows 7, can't format, partition, or install OS.

I ripped an old WD 80gb Sata drive out of an old PC, connected it to my main PC, formatted it and deleted partitions. I then tried installing an OS to it on a new HTPC rig, but the volume didn't appear in any way.

Put it back in the main rig, figured I'd add a partition through windows rather than the OS installer, detected in BIOS, and detected in device manager; in Disk Management, it sort of detects. Honestly, I've never seen this error before and I have no idea what I have done.

Screenshots to help clarify what I'm seeing. I have a Gigabyte P35 DQ6 motherboard. I have also run through the Wyomingknott guide.,YvB6ZLX,oMB3Svm,AcubmjY#0
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    I would get Killdisk to effectively wipe (zero) the entire drive; that deletes all partitions and renders the HDD in a clean, factory-like state.
    Then, reinstall the OS like any other new build.
  2. Thatnks house. Did a full wipe, no change. Doing a kill, will update.
  3. If it doesn't work after the kill, you'll have to take into account the age of that drive and the possibility that it's controller is dying.
    For me, a killdisk failure usually means the HDD is toast. I have actually managed to give old HDDs a few more months extra life time after "killing" them, but eventually time will take it's toll. Putting the OS on such a drive is just asking for trouble in near future.
  4. The kill worked. Thanks very much.
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