A Black Screen In My Lenovo Laptop

Hey Guys.

So recently my computer has been running very great, but today, i shut down my laptop and when i turn it on, it goes to black screen with pointers (I Can Still Go To The Lockscreen). I Checked Everything and they were fine. So i hope that you guys could fix this :) ILYSM~

Oh Yeah My Laptop Is:

Lenovo B470 Black Edition

2 Years And 2 Months Old
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  1. Black screen? It sounds like your OS has an error. Try resetting your system to an older date.
    Could you specify what kind of screen. Photo would be great!
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    Dear Felicia Akira it is you are OS problem...but we have a solution for that problem...

    first follow these steps... the power button,then the os will start..then immediately press F8 in your system
    2.then you got some option like 1.system repair 2.recovery method
    3.from that options you can selection recovery method
    4.after that you can restore your system
  3. Remember to pick a solution... :)
  4. first things first., I would recommend you to do a proper diagnostic and find out the real issue first before going ahead with anything else., if it still be the same you'll be in great trouble & waste lot of time., Here are some step., check with the services, stop all the application that is in automatic., in services and restart., cause this can be the cause of an application problem too., secondly boot with safe mood., and check if it work fine., do this two step first.,
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