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I want to get an internal card reader for my PC, one that reads sd cards and such, but all the ones I have seen have it connecting to the usb 3 20 pin slot on the Mobo, which I already have in use. Are there any Internal card readers that do not need to connect to the usb 3 20 pin slot on the Mobo, but maybe a sata slot instead?
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  1. cin19 said:

    Thanks for the reply. I am wanting to know if there is a reader that does not use a usb or the usb 20 pin slot on the mobo, but maybe uses the sata port on the mobo instead.

    Thanks again
  2. cin19 said:
    You can't use the only SATA ports, because the device need the power either from USB2.0 or USB3.0, or the 4pin molex and the SATA ports are for the data.
    Here is one of them like

    So this product is an example of a reader that uses the 4pin molex and the Sata port?

    Also, is the 4 pin molex the same thing that powers something like a cd drive, a hard drive, or a solid state drive?
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    It use the USB2.0 and the SATA port on the MB, here is the manual from the company website.

    Add: this one use the 4pin molex
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