Should I wait for 800 Series or Upgrade now ?

Hey guys, let me first post information about my current rig .

CPU : Intel Core i7 4771 4th Generation.
MOBO: GigaByte Z87X-OC
RAM: 16 GB Corsair Vengeance 1866
HDD: 4 TB WD Green ( 2x2 )
PSU: 700 W Cooler Master
GPU: Asus GTX 760 DirectII OC.

Now , everything is latest except my GPU . So, my question is:
1) Should I change my GPU to 780Ti or wait for 880 ( 800 Series ) ? What will be good for me ?
2) Upgrade now or Wait ?
3) And when are the 800 Series releasing ?
4) Will my 760 support Direct X 12 when it is released ?

P.S: I am a avid gamer.

Thanks in advance
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    760 is a very decent card. save it. sure, 780 is nice but it's like buying iphone5 then getting a 5s.

    if you are really itchy, get an ssd instead, even a 120gb would be good
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