Can I run battlefield 3 multiplayer?

Hey, I have a pc with following specs. I can play Battlefield 3 campaign mode in low settings with average of 40 fps on 1360*768 resolution. So, Will it be able to handle multiplayer on playable frame rate? Actually I am considering to buy the game to play multiplayer. Without knowing that it may be a waste of money. I did really enjoy BFBC2 multiplayer, so I am thinking about this one too.

my specs:-

intel pentium dual core e6300 @ 2.8 Ghz
Radeon hd 3850 His ice Q
2Gb ddr2 ram
500w power supply

I need to play on 1360*768 resolution with at least 30-35 fps. (campaign mode is ok in low settings)

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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  1. where the spec? multiplayer games are very depend on the cpu.
  2. Even without seeing your specs, I feel that a 768 resolution and low settings is not going to be an enjoyable experience. I wouldn't recommend dishing out the money for something that really isn't a great experience.

    1080p in ultra settings, even with like 40 fps is a great gaming experience and is so much fun.

    I just feel that you wouldn't have fun, that's my only reasoning in my choice.
  3. I updated my specs. thank for your response. :) I know what you mean. Sadly I have to enjoy with what I've got :) Actually my thought also somewhat similar. except I can enjoy my 15" monitor with BFBC2 on medium. BF3 looks even worse than BC2. So I highly doubt about the multiplayer. So you are saying not to buy?
  4. dan rash said:
    So you are saying not to buy?

    I'm only saying not to buy it because I feel that you won't be getting the whole experience, but if you want to enjoy it (because it is a great game), then go for it!
  5. So, can I run it like single player? I'm asking it because most people are saying multiplayer is more resource demanding than single player.
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