Ati Radeon 4600 series vs Geforce Gt440?

I'm thinking about buying a friends old GPU which is a Gigabyte Geforce GT440. Was wondering if there is a big difference in performance when comparing to our current card, which is a Radeon 4600 series card? Glad for a quick answer. :D
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  1. *bump* Anyone know??
  2. The GT 440 probably has more memory. The HD 4600s have more render output processors, shaders & texture mapping units.

    Without knowing exactly which Radeon you have, though, it's really hard to give a 100% comparison between the two.
  3. It's a radeon HD 4650 with 512 mb memory.Codename RV730

    There's a comparison.

    Seems the Radeon 4XXX series beats the GT 440.

    So Radeon 4650 :)
  5. Been googeling and what I can find it's even slower in some cases, can anyone confirm this?
  6. Thanks Aphala, so it's slower.. then I'll pass :D
  7. Tekedon said:
    Thanks Aphala, so it's slower.. then I'll pass :D

    Any time! :)
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