My screen resolution won't show up

I recently moved my pc and rearranged my setup. After I plugged everything back in, I booted it and recognized that the screen resolution was wrong. My monitor is an Asus X173W (an older monitor). The screen resolution before was correct at 1440 x 900 but after moving it, it's at 1024 x 768. How can I fix this? 1440 x 900 is not a choice even in the Nvidia Control Panel. My graphics card is a GTX 760. I have the connected with a VGA to DVI adapter.
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  1. rearranged, as you put in a new card, gtx 760?

    Try setting to show unsupported resolutions.
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    Sounds like a simple driver reinstall is in order. And make sure you check "Clean Install"
  3. thank you so much. i was about to buy a new monitor. I need one anyway. 1980x1080 is the standard it seems
  4. Hey, if you have the money, feel free to upgrade. The 760 does quite well at 1920x1080!
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