What does the minimum requirement of a game exactly mean?

Does minimum requirement of a game mean that if we have same system specs with respect to the minimum requirement of the game ,we can play the game at highest resolution but at low settings or we can play the game at lower resolution at low settings?
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    Lowest resolution and lowest settings ,USUALLY.
    It means your computer is just good enough to play the game at lowest settings and resolution and get an average of 30fps. Not steady 30 FPS.
    You can play the game but the experience will be severely diminished.
  2. In my experience, meeting the minimum requirements = minimum enjoyment. Always shoot at or above the recommended requirements.
  3. just curious to know.Why the minimum requirements of many games are not always true.For eg, take metal gear rising revengeance.u can see its minimum req, are very needs an 15 and gts 450.but my specs are-
    core 2 duo 2.9 ghz
    3gb ram
    intel g45 chipset.
    huge contrast between the 2 specs.Still, i can run the game very smoothly without any lag.
  4. Some developers and publishers like to overstate their minimum system requirements. In the case of Japanese developers it's often because they don't have a clue on how to make a PC game and they just throw these high minimum specs on there just in case their optimization efforts don't work as well as they hoped. Some publishers like to throw very high requirements on their games to make it look like they actually put some effort into improving their annual glorified map pack sequel. *cough*CoD Ghosts *cough*

    Though if you are running with the G45 integrated graphics, I would say your definition of smooth gameplay is very different from most other people. Most people will find dropping below 30FPS to be laggy, and dropping below 25 FPS to be completely unplayable for anything aside from maybe a turn based strategy game.
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