can i install a new operating system in my lap top that needs activation

Purchased a gateway laptop from HSN network 5 years ago. It had XP installed. Its now asking me for an activation code which I don't have. S/n is Hsn's not gateway's. Can I install Windows 7 over it without losing all my data. Thanks for any help
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  1. Actually you cant upgrade from XP to WIN 7. It can be done with VISTA. So back-up all your important stuffs to another HDD or flash drive, then install WIN 7. Good luck.
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    yes you can, back up all important data first. You might want to look around for compatible drivers for your laptop though since it wasn't design with windows 7 in mind.

    You may need to get trackpad drivers etc... from the trackpad manufacturer website as opposed to the laptop manufacturer website.
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