Need some tips for my current rig please

Hello everyone I'm thinking of upgrading my gaming rig, or should I buy a new one? My main goal is to play new mmo's like Elder scrolls online with high fps.

Current specs:

Msi gtx 660
Intel i5 2500 (non k)
Crucial 8 gb ram
ASRock H61M motherboard
WD Scorpio Blue 750gb
Corsair CX600 V2

I was thinking of buying a new i5 3570k or 4670k to oc with a new cooling system. Should I also buy a new motherboard? I also want to upgrade my harddisk and buy a new ssd because it is very slow. Or should i just save up for a new rig? Thanks in advance.
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  1. You should also buy a mobo to do overclocking as your current one does not support but the best idea would to build a new system by taking the gpu, ram and hard drive and power supply if sufficient from current one and sell all the parts off.
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    If you're looking to upgrade to an i5-3570k, or 4670k, you will definitely need a new motherboard (Z87 for overclocking). Your current board isn't compatible with either i5s that you wish to upgrade to. If you do choose to go with either 3570k/4670k, you will notice a decent performance boost. I would suggest going with a SSD as well, speeds up loading times by a significant amount.
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