Need help choosing a laptop for watching shows connected to HDTV

I need a new laptop that I will almost always have connected to a HDTV. Primary use is to stream HD tv shows. I'm on a tight budget, looking to spend $400 or less, but am willing to sacrifice a lot. I don't care about the screen size or resolution since i'll be connected to a HDTV. I also don't care about the size, weight, look or feel of the laptop itself, again, because it will be connected to a HDTV with wireless keyboard and mouse.

I just need to make sure it is powerful enough to stream HD content flawlessly. Does anyone have a specific laptop they could recommend or have a general sense of the specs I should make sure the laptop has? If you could link me to a suitable deal that would be awesome.
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  1. And I'm also looking for it to include a DVD drive for watching movies and prefer a HDMI connection.

    Open to purchasing refurbished to save some money as well.
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