Have I chosen the right parts to upgrade my gaming rig with, and are they compatible?

I'm trying to upgrade my gaming rig to be a tad more up to date, while still staying on a budget. I'm from Denmark by the way.

My current rig and OS:

OS: Win 7 64
Motherboard: MSI H55M-E33
CPU: Intel Core i7 870
GPU: GTX 560 ti

The new parts that I want to put in are:

Motherboard: Asrock Z87 Pro3
CPU: Intel Core i5 4570
GPU: GTX 760

The only reason I wanted to change my motherboard and CPU, is because, as far as I can see, the new GPU woulnd't be compatible with my current motherboard, and the CPU wouldn't be compatible with the new motherboard, now if i'm wrong, and getting the motherboard and CPU would potentially be a waste.
If anyone has better recommendations as to which parts to get, then i'd be glad to hear them. My price range is at about 3800 kr. (about 700 dollars)
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  1. You don't have to upgrade your platform for that card. However it is going to draw slightly more power than your old card. How are you set for a PSU? Model? Wattage.
  2. I'd definitely hold onto the LGA1366 setup for a while yet. That 870 is still fine for any single card. If you were going to SLI then an upgrade might be warranted.
  3. You don't necessarily need to upgrade Motherboard. Your processor is still very capable and should bottleneck pretty much any single card thrown its way. Your Motherboard has a pci 2.0 16x slot which can handle any card on the market and difference between Gen 3 and 2 is just a few frames. You could just by a video card and you will be all set. Gtx 770 should be more than enough assuming your power supply can deliver 550w.
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    ^ Wanderer11, ak47jar3d: Agreed.
    Not sure if the H55 mobo will allow overclocking, if it does, I suggest you look into adding a better CPU cooler and pushing the current CPU a little, this will help in the more CPU intensive games like BF4.
    For a single 1080 display the GTX760 is a fine choice of upgrade and is very well matched to your current i7, if you REALLY want to add some extra eye candy (plenty of AA) you might want to consider the faster but more expensive GTX770 or R9 280X.
    If the current power supply is getting on a bit and is 550Watts or less I'll suggest a replacement would be wise, please provide detailed specs of the installed unit, or its make and model number.
  5. My current PSU is 750w, so that shouldn't be a problem. Thank god that I can just buy a new GPU and it'll fit. You guys are definitely life savers, or in this case, wallet savers :P.
    Thank you very much everyone, you've all been very helpfull :D
  6. ^ We try our best. ;)
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