GS600W psu enough? evga 760/770

currently have a GS600w gold standard psu wanting to buy a new video card. Looking to be able to play all normal less demanding games in ultra and hopefully bf4 type games in ultra or close to it as well. Looking at an evga gtx 760 or 770 not sure what to get, 100$ difference so if the 760 will play ultra on all online games/99% of games not sure if it will on bf4 or the newest crysis but that'd be nice. i5 4670k asus z87-k evga gtx 550ti currently-needs to be updated GS600W. will my psu have the right connectors for either of the 760/770? which one is better to get for price/performance/demanding games?
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  1. I highly recommend getting a 850w psu. I like the extra room that you could have.
    plus these are full modular / modular so no mess with cables.
  2. would the corsair 600 that i currently have be enough to run the 760 or 770 though? and would i not have to worry about it? or should i get a 760 and a new power supply? instead of a 770 and my current psu
  3. Your psu now could run the 770 with no over clocking.
    but the psu will slow down after some time and it may be good to upgrade that to put less stress on it. but you could get the 770 now.
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    Hold on your PSU is fine no need to upgrade you could run a 780ti on it (with no OCing) with out issue. Don't upgrade to an 850w unless you plan to Xfire your 760/770.
  5. if his psu is a year or two old it would be close.
  6. I have a 650W XFX 80+GOLD with a GTX 770, works just fine with heavy overclock. My CPU is an AMD Fx-8320
  7. Thanks guys, I ordered the gtx 770 it should get here this evening
  8. Enjoy gaming at ultra settings :)
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