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Power Consumption Usage Variation

Last response: in Systems
March 17, 2014 10:51:21 AM

I am currently using a PC that consumes 180 watts in idle condition and 325 watts in performance condition. My question is, does my PC consume 3 times its actual power consumption when turned on from off state in 220 Volt AC Mains, i.e., does my PC consume 540 watts rather than 180 watts when turned on from off state?

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March 17, 2014 11:02:00 AM

how are you meauring usage? at the wall socket? if so then thats the total draw. if you measuring off the psu then if its 80+ efficent then you take 180w+20% at idle or 325+20% at load... this is a very rough estimate as it will depend on the overall efficiency at a given voltage and where you are in the world.
on 220v (uk) psu's tend to be even more efficient than listed as most are given there ratings at 115v(American standard). the higher the inital input voltage the more efficient the psu should be...
June 16, 2014 1:35:10 PM

power draw is averaged over an hours use. so if you pull 540w from the psu thats 540w per hour.

no you would burn out the 450w if you tried to draw 540 from it regardless of how long it was on.

reason for this is the amps, most psu's for pc's use 12v, 5v, and 3v outputs they step down the voltage from 220v to 12v but step up the amps from 13a (typical house hold socket ring main) to upwards of 80a+ (on a single 12v rail psu) or they divide the amps by however many rails there are in the psu.
wattage is calculated by the
volts x amps = watts
the parts rated in a 450w the psu will be rated for 12v @37a

where as the parts rated in a 540w unit will be rated for a max of 12v @45a

so try to pull 45a through a 37a rated part will cause it to heat up and pop within seconds.
as the higher amps contain more potential energy, energy that the lower rated part wont be able to handle.

sort of like lining up 12 single decker buss's in front of a tunnel that will only allow single decker bus though.
you try to line up 12 double decker buss's in front of the same tunnel and the first 1 that tries to go through will crash into the roof immediately and the rest will pile up behind it pushing the front 1 now wrecked further down the tunnel causing more damage internally.

so in answer to your question. you will pop the psu immediately and possibly take out other components along with it.